Party Wall Surveyors Church Hougham

Home Heroes Limited offer our Party Wall services in this can include the following services, we are experienced Party Wall Surveyors Church Hougham

We cover Kent especially the Coastal Towns in Thanet and the surrounding areas, we cover Margate, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Swale District, Dover, Deal and Folkestone

Building Owners Surveyor Church Hougham:

Planning on doing a development in Church Hougham, Home Heroes can assist you with notices working by agreement with you. It is after all critical that these are served correctly to follow the act.

If dispute arises we are able to work as Building Owner Surveyors in Church Hougham and surrounding locations

Our Fees are simple and easy to understand

If the situation arises and you’re Neighbours agree we are able to be appointed as an Agreed Surveyor if this would benefit you and our agreed surveyor for an additional fee which could save you £1000’s on the cost of an Adjoining Owner Surveyors Church Hougham Fee’s

Served Notice? No reply adjoining owner(s) ignoring or failing to act after your ten day request don’t worry we can offer advice and Home Heroes Limited surveyors accept appointments by Building Owners under Section 10 (4) appointments as Adjoining Owner Surveyors Church Hougham

Adjoining Owners Surveyor Church Hougham:

Received a Party Wall Notice in Church Hougham? Worried about the work, your property and want to dispute the notice you can do this, we can assist you with this and we accept appointment as Adjoining Owners Surveyors Church Hougham

Furthermore unless you do anything dishonest or illegal the appointment of Home Heroes limited as your Adjoining Owner Surveyor Church Hougham will in most occasions cost you nothing at all as it is taken that as the building owner wishes to carry out he work they pay the Surveyor(s) invoice.

If you wish for the protection of the Act, then appoint us as your Adjoining Owners Surveyor

If terms are friendly with your neighbour we can also approach them (as long as they haven’t already appointed a surveyor) and work with you both of you agree we can accept appointments as the Agreed Surveyor in Church Hougham

Agreed Surveyor Church Hougham:

Home Heroes limited are able to accept appointments as the agreed Surveyor Church Hougham our fees for working as an agreed Surveyor are reasonable and only marginally more than as a named surveyor to reflect the extra work involved

Our Services:

Impartial advice on Party Wall Matters Church Hougham
In Agency Services Church Hougham
Preparation and service of valid Party Wall Notices Church Hougham
Schedule of Condition Church Hougham
Agreed Surveyors Church Hougham
Acting as Party Wall Surveyor for Adjoining Owners Church Hougham
Acting as Party Wall Surveyor for Building Owners Church Hougham
Preparation and negotiation of Party Wall Awards (Agreements) Church Hougham